Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wave 1: Max Effort Upper

Bench press, 5x2 reps
Then, 2 sets, as many reps as possible with a Reverse grip @ 35% of 2RM

Weighted Pullups, 5x5 reps w/ narrow grip

Banded lat pulldown, 50 reps with a thicker band

HSPU, 2 sets, as many reps as possible, stack 2 AbMats

Weighted back ext, 2x15 reps 15/10#


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  2. Here is my list of questions if you don't mind hooking me up.
    1. How do we determine rest time between sets and exercises?
    2. On dynamic effort days when there is really light oly lifts, what is the goal there?
    3. If we are adding in metcons do we do it completely after everything, or can we add the metcon in after the big strength lifts and then do the accessory lifts after?
    4. I plan on working out 5 days a week. On the two days we don't do the blog can we add in some oly lifting at heavier weights? I plan on keeping the volume here relatively low just want to feel the heavy weight there.
    5. What day is a good day to start this blog?

    I made it to regionals as an individual in the south central regions last year. I am looking to up that this year. I really feel the increase in absolute strength can help me achieve that. Thank you for any help you can give me!