Thursday, November 14, 2013

Barbell Club

Starting Monday November 18th Hotdogs & Cupcakes will look a little different. Through February 2014 we will be switching to a four day/ week programming schedule (M/ T/ W/ F). The focus will be on strength, power, and speed in both power lifts and olympic lifts. We will continue to post the programming however one post will go up for the whole week. Something different? Yes, but we think you will like it. If you are a die hard HD&CC fan please feel free to start back with some of our earlier programming. If you have any additional questions please click on the following links, like Clarissa, they will explain it all (a little 90's pun for you).

Much Love,
Carrot Cake


  1. Hi, I recently started the programme HD&CC. Loving it so far. When will the new changes be visible on here. Is it November or Feb next year?
    Sorry a little confused.

  2. The new changes will start Monday November 18th. Every Monday we will post the programming for the whole week. We will continue to do this every Monday for the next 12 weeks, taking the new program into the month of February in 2014.

  3. I understand that you guys are prepping for an Oly meet, but for those of us prepping simply for the open, will this be too many days of lifting? Recently I've been under the impression that leading into the Open its better to maintain strength with less lifting days (ie. 2 per week), and work more on your "engine" and skill work. What do you think?

    1. J
      It is up to you to decide how many days per week are too many days of heavy lifting based on your own personal fitness goals. Look at your goals and what you are trying to achieve and evaluate whether or not this program or any other will help you get closer to reaching them. If your goals are to do well in the open and you are concerned 4 days per week will be too much you can go back through our archives and continue on a 3 day/ week schedule with our earlier programming.

  4. when will it be posted on monday AM or PM

  5. Hey,
    with the new programing should as well include regular WOD's of the week?