Monday, November 18, 2013

Verve Barbell Club, Phase 1, Week 1

You will be working for the time frame listed for each movement. Go every 2 minutes, meaning you will get approx 5-7 sets per movement. They are aggressive working sets up to several heavy sets. With Olympic lifts remember, if it doesn't say "power" then you need to be squatting.

Monday (heavy):

Hang snatch (from mid thigh): 5's *15 minutes
Back squats: 10's *15 minutes
1/2 squats (stay above parallel): 10's *10 minutes
Strict press/ push press: 10's (5 strict press, 5 push press without putting bar down, that will equal your 10 rep set) *15 minutes
Straight leg deadlift, heavy to form: 10's *15 minutes
Weighted pull ups: 3x10 reps

Tuesday (Light/Speed):

Hang power clean (from mid thigh): 5's *15 minutes
Bench press: 10's (going for SPEED, they should be fast) *15 minutes
Muscle snatch: 6x5's *10 minutes
Behind the neck (BTN) strict shoulder press with snatch grip: 10's *10 minutes
DB/ KB shrugs: 10's *5-7 minutes
Isometric ab work: 2 minutes

Wednesday (Light/Speed):

Hang power snatch (from mid thigh): 5's *15 minutes
Eccentric squats (a slow :04 descent followed by a quick return to top): 5's *15 minutes
1/2 squats: 10's *10 minutes
Straight leg deadlifts: 10's (30% lighter then on day 1) *10 minutes
Strict pull ups: 3x5 reps

Friday (heavy):
Hang clean (from mid thigh): 5's *15 minutes
Bench press: 10's (one drop set - 5-10%) *15 minutes
Muscle snatch: 6x5's *10 minutes
BTN strict shoulder press with snatch grip: 2x10 reps *5-7 minutes
DB/ KB shrugs: 10's *5-7 minutes
Dips: 2x10 reps
Ab work of choice: 2 minutes


  1. is the 5's and 10's reps per 2 mins?

  2. what does "one drop set" mean?

  3. Martin,

    A drop set is taking your last set and removing 5-10% of the weight for it. For example if I was getting six sets of work in, my goal would be to make the 5th set my heaviest set. To the point that I feel certain I could not do a 6th set of the same weight. After the 5th set I will remove 5-10% of what is on the bar and do my 6th set with that slightly lighter weight. That means that I am moving maximally loads without failing on a final set. Hope that helps.

  4. Do you have weight % recommendations for each movement? I'm assuming heavy days are 70-80% 1RM and speed days are 50-70%?

    1. We do not have % recommendations. This is because the lifts are dependent on you for that day. On the heavy day get as heavy as you can, on the speed days work with loads that allow you to move quickly and not break down form. If you are feeling amazing one day and your heavy sets are in excess of 70-80%, awesome. On a day you don't feel so good asking you to do 70-80% may not be something you are capable of, then you lose out on the main focus for the day.

  5. Are the 6x5 muscle snatch meant to be the same weight for the six sets?