Monday, January 20, 2014

Verve Barbell Club, Deload Week

Alright people, there are a few things to know about "Deload Week":

1) Deload week is as important to your strength gains as the strength weeks. DO NOT not do deload week because it's not heavy lifting.

2) Deload week is meant to be light, DO NOT keep adding weight. The purpose is to move with speed while working on technique/ maintaining good position. Pick your weight and keep the same weight for every set of that exercise.

3) Deload week should not leave you feeling sore.

4) It will do you no good to participate in deload week with barbell club and then join a WOD that is a heavy lifting WOD.

5) Unless otherwise stated, the % will be based off your heaviest weights from last week.

*This week is setting us up to retest our 1 rep maxes. It's time to see the fruits of our labor.

3 Position snatch (ground, below the knee, above the knee) x 5 sets @ 40-60%
Front squat, 5x5 @ 40-60% of 1RM
Clean pulls, 5x2 @ 40-60%
Split jerk, 5x1 @ 40-60% of 1RM
5 Shoulder press + 5 push press x 5 sets @ 40-60%

3 Position power clean (ground, below the knee, above the knee) x 5 sets @ 50% or lower
Bench press, 9x3 @ 50% or lower
Muscle snatch, 5x3 @ 50% or lower
Behind the neck press (wide grip), 5x5 @ 50% or lower

3 Position power snatch (ground, below the knee, above the knee) x 5 sets @ 50% or lower
Pause squats (squat, hold bottom position for 3 seconds, drive out of bottom), 5x5 @ 50% or lower
Snatch pulls, 5x3 @ 50% or lower
Jerk balance, 5x5 @ 50% or lower of Monday's weight

3 Position clean (ground, below the knee, above the knee) x 5 sets @ 40-60%
Snatch balance, 5x1 @ 40-60% of 1RM snatch
Bench press, 5x1 @ 40-60%
Shrugs, 5x5
Dips, 3x10


  1. I know this is a little late in the program to ask, but when is the ideal time to get the crossfit workouts in during the week? On Speed Days? And should you do them right after the barbell club workout or later in the day?

  2. This program is it's own program and does not take into account any additional programs you would like to do. Additional WODs will be up to your personal needs/ personal fitness goals. Remember that heavy lifting days greatly tax your nervous system. Also think about what you are trying to achieve, to double up on WODs means it will be at the suffrage of one or the other in your ability to give maximal effort. Programming is again based around your capacity and what you want out of said program.