Monday, August 3, 2015

Wave 1, Day 1

Back squat 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 reps, increasing weight each round working up to 1RM
Then, as many reps as possible at 70% of 1RM
400m Prowler push, 90#

200m backward lunge

Banded good mornings x 100 reps, green band

3 rounds for quality:
:10 hollow hold on GHD followed immediately by 10 GHD sit-ups

Friday, July 31, 2015

Wave 4, Day 4

Deload (Friday)

Floor Press, 3x8 reps @ 45%

Tate Press, 3x10 reps

Upright rows, 3x10 reps @ lighter weight

Hip Back extension, 3x10 reps

Strict T2B, 3x10 reps

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wave 4, Day 3

Deload (Wednesday)

Hang squat clean, 5x6 reps @ 40% on the 1min

Push Press, 3x15 reps 75/55

Push Jerk, 2x15 reps 75/55

Jumping back squats, 50 reps w/ 45/35 barbell

T2B, 4x10 reps unbroken

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wave 4, Day 2

Deload (Tuesday)

Hang power snatch, 3x8 reps @ 40%. Focus on form

EMOM 7 rounds
7 C2B pullups

Tabata KB Swing

Ring dips, 5x6 reps

Hollow hold, accumulate 3min

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wave 4, Day 1

Deload (Monday)

Back squat, 4x6 reps @ 40%. 1sec pause at bottom, then stand up fast.

Deadlift, 4x6 reps @ 40%. Slow down, fast up.

Lunges, 100m

Banded good mornings, 50 reps

Back Extensions, 3x10 reps

Friday, July 24, 2015

Wave 3, Day 4

Max Effort (Friday)

Behind the neck shoulder press, 7x1 rep
Then, 2x max reps Shoulder Press at 55% of 1RM BTNSP

Weighted supine ring row 3x10 reps
Then, 1 x max rep set of supine ring row w/o weight

3 rounds for quality:
:30 handstand hold followed immediately by unbroken set of 7 HSPU
*Start w/ strict HSPU and switch to kipping if fatigued

Arnold Press, 3x10 reps

Hollow hold to candlestick, 40 reps

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wave 3, Day 3

Dynamic Effort (Wednesday)

Hang Squat Clean, 10x3 reps @ 65% on the 1min

AMAP Press, Push Press, Push Jerk 105/75x2 sets
*Do as many press as possible till failure, then without dropping do as many PP as possible, then PJ. 

Tabata Jumping lunges with 25/15# DB's

Double KB swing, :30on :30off x5 rounds @ 1.5kg/1kg

Hip Extensions, 3x15reps

Standing Oblique side crunch, 3x20 reps 53/35#

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wave 3, Day 2

Dynamic Effort (Tuesday)

Squat Snatch, 10x2 reps @ 60% of 1RM Snatch
*Done every :30 seconds on the :30 seconds

Push Jerk, 3x8reps

4 Minute AMRAP:
Burpee Pullups

DB seesaw press, 2x10 reps per arm @ 16kg(12kg)
Seated dumbbell box jump, 8x2 reps @ 20#(15#)

Dynamic superman x 50 reps

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wave 3, Day 1

Max Effort (Monday)

Sumo deadlift, 6x2 repsSeated good mornings, 5x7 reps

Weighted Back extensions, 4x10 reps

Wall squat, static hold w/ 45/35# plate, accumulate 3min  (must be @ 90°)

Reverse Hyper, 2x20 reps @ 40% of 1RM back squat

GHD Situps, 3x25reps

Friday, July 17, 2015

Wave 2, Day 4

Max Effort (Friday)

Push press 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1, increasing weight each round working up to 1RM
Then, as many reps as possible @ 70% of 1RM x 2 sets

Weighted (strict) Pull ups, 5x3 reps

2x as many strict pullups as possible

5min AMRAP
5 Burpees

Banded tricep pulldown x 100 reps

Landmine Twist, 2x25reps @ 25/15#

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wave 2, Day 3

Dynamic Effort (Wednesday)

Clean Pulls, 12x1 on the :30

Snatch Balance, 6x3 reps

AMRAP, Unbroken Wallball shots, if you have a 25# ball use it.

T2B, 3x20 reps (Unbroken)

4min AMRAP
Burpee Box jumps 24/20

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wave 2, Day 2

Dynamic Effort (Tuesday)

Power Snatch, 6x3 on the :30

Squat clean/ 2 thrusters, 15 complete reps for time @ 135/95
JM press, 2x12 reps AHAP
Speed Deads, 8x3 reps @50% + additional resistance

20/15 Muscle Ups, done in as minimal sets as possible. No more than 1min rest in between

P-bar swing, 2x12 reps

Monday, July 13, 2015

Wave 2, Day 1

Max Effort (Monday)

Front Squat, 6x4 reps + chain

Sumo deadlift, 3x8 reps @ 70% of 1RM deadlift on 2:00 send-off

Bulgarian split squats, 2x15 reps (each side) w/ dumbells

From an inverted position on rings, lower slowly through a front lever, then skin the cat.  Complete 10 reps.

Reverse hypers, 3x8 reps @ 40% of 1RM back squat

Friday, July 10, 2015

Wave 1, Day 4

Max Effort (Friday)

2-board press, 7x1 rep + chain

Shoulder Press, 5x5 + chain

Chain rollback triceps extension, 3x8 reps

Supine ring rows, 3x5 reps + additional load

With 2x24kg kettlebells, shoulder press until failure, then push press to failure, then push jerk to failure.  Repeat for 2 rounds.

Superman Hold. accumulate 4min

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wave 1, Day 3

Dynamic Effort (Wednesday)

Squat snatch, 10x2 reps @ 60% of 1RM snatch on the 1min
Floor press, 3x10 reps @ 60% + chain

50 Meter
overhead barbell walking lunge @ 75#(55#)

As many reps as possible of HSPU, using 1 Abmat
Rest 2 minutes
As many reps as possible of HSPU, using 2 Abmat

Rest 1 minute
As many reps as possible of HSPU, using 1 Abmat

Weighted glute bridge, 3x20 reps with loaded barbell

 Medball pull overs on Abmat, 3x20 reps

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wave 1, Day 2

Dynamic Effort (Tuesday)

Hanging Cluster  (From  the hang, Clean to Thruster) 12x1 Rep @70% of 1 RM Clean on the :30
Banded dumbbell bench press, 4x8 reps

Tabata KB swing, 2/ 1.5 pood
*If KB is rested during the :20 of work, 10 burpee penalty after all rounds are completed*

5min AMRAP
3 Bar Muscle Ups
10 Hip Extensions

Banded lat pull downs, 75 reps

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wave 1, Day 1

Max Effort (Monday)

Camber bar box squat, 5x5 reps + bands or chain
Good Mornings, 4x8 reps

2 Rounds for time:

60m prowler push (moderate weight), cannot turn prowler around, push high and low
60 air squats
60 double unders

Weighted Hip extension, 3x15 reps

Skin the cat, 15 reps (slow and controlled)

Hanging strict leg raises, 3x18reps (work on squeezing shoulder blades the entire time)

Friday, July 3, 2015


Deload (Friday)

Floor press, 6x5 reps @ 40%
P-bar walk & dip w/ vest, 20 reps
Ring ice cream makers, 2x8 reps

Banded Pushups, 40 reps

Glide Kip, spend 5 min working on a glide kip on a bar

Strict T2B, 25 reps

If you can. Be sure to help our Hotdogging buddy Wes out who was involved in a motorcycle crash.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Deload (Wednesday)

EMOM 10, C2B Pull ups
Hang power clean 5x5 reps @ 40% of 1RM 

Accumulate 4:00 in a handstand (against a wall for freestanding)

Banded pull aparts, 75 reps 

Hip and back extensions, 3x10 reps

Ok My little hotdoggers. I want to pass this on to you guys. This is a letter I received from the sister of a fellow hotdogger (Wes) that was in a motorcycle accident and could use some help.

Hi there-

I'm reaching out to you because I know my brother is a huge fan of your blog and a crossfit fanatic. Yours was his first shirt he wore when his doctors allowed it. However, because of his current injuries...he will not get back to his routine for almost a year.

I hope this finds you well-

my brother was recently in a near-fatal motorcycle accident and needs as much help as we can get him. My hopes, as his younger sister, is that I am able to help him by getting his story out. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

Wesley has always been known as the life of the party amongst the people who know him. He is funny, he is talented, he is kind, and he is downright a good friend. He has always been someone that likes to try new things. A few months ago, Wes made the huge decision to buy his first ever motorcycle. A KTM, just like our dad's. It made sense to buy a bike; our other brother, uncle, and cousins, along with close friends also had motorcycles. He did all the right things. He purchased high quality riding gear and a $700 helmet. He wore his gear, boots and gloves every time he got on his bike. He was safe and he was cautious- just like every first time rider should be.

He had about a month of experience riding to and from work (50 miles a day) before he decided to embark on his first long road trip with the family. Our dad met Wes at his home in Oregon and together they made sure everything was set for their road trip. They had all their gear on and they were ready to go. They were on their way to pair up with our brother, Lane, and his wife, Theena. Wes and dad were about 1 hour out of Yakima, Washington on Naches Highway when the accident happened.

Stuck behind a line of slow vehicles going through White Pass, they looked ahead and had a clear shot to pass. My dad recalls pulling out and having to death grip his brake, as a car had turned left infront of him. My dad says that he felt instant relief that he had seen the car soon enough for him to react. Unfortunately for Wes, the car was in his blind spot. He hit the Jeep Patriot going upwards of 70 mph. He had no time to react. He was knocked out immediately. My dad remembers his body flying over the hood of the car, after slamming into the side of the Jeep and breaking the back seat window. Wes laid there, face down in the dirt with his hands sprawled behind him. My dad rushed to the where Wes laid limp, praying that Wes was okay. My dad recalls trying to wake Wes up, hopeful that the impact wasn't as bad as it looked. Traffic on both sides of the highway came to a screeching hault, drivers standing outside of their vehicles. Watching and waiting. My dad screaming to call 911.

Too afraid to move his body, in fear there were spinal injuries, my dad could only feel helpless. My dad checked  Wes's pulse, he didn't have one. His helmet began to fill with blood. My dad quickly made the decision to remove Wes' helmet and initiated CPR, saying "Wes, stay with us." He remembers pulling blood and mucose from Wes's throat. There were many medical professionals on the scene and helped Wes and my dad through the tragic accident. The paramedics arrived and intubated Wes on scene. He was then airlifted to Yakima Regional Hospital.

My dad was not able to fit inside the ambulance and was left to help file a report. He couldn't think of anything but getting back on his bike and riding like the wind to be with my brother. He jotted down his info to the driver of the car, not able to concentrate and shaking too much for it to be legible. He needed to call my mother. He needed to call my brother and a many people as possible to get them in the loop. A civilian would had seen the whole thing informed my dad that there wasn't any cell phone service and that he needed to drive a bit up the road. My dad booked it out of there. He had no time to place repetitive calls and ended up having to leave voicemails to both my mom and brother, Lane.

The initial scans at Regional Hospital showed a brain bleed, blood in the right lung, severe fractures all along the right side of the face including a broken jaw and both the orbits of his eyes broken, severe fracture of the right femur, severe fracture of the right tibia, and severe fracture of the ulna/radius of the left arm. The brain bleed was the deciding factor that Wes would then be airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. My dad and brother, still covered in Wes's blood, began their journey across state.

The brain bleed resolved after a few days of continuous observation of pressures and controlled breathing. While Wes was on the breathing machine the doctors were able to get many of the major surgeries done. Surgery on his arm, 2 separate operations on his leg, as well as facial reconstruction (jaw and cheekbone). The breathing tube was pulled about a week after Wes arrived at Harborview. He was able to gain consciousness but was very confused and altered. It took about 3 weeks total before Wes was able to repeat where he was and why he was there.

My brother is a super human, to say the least. Doctors and the hospital's nursing staff were constantly talking about how quickly my brother was recovering from such a horrific event. His fractures were all repaired surgically and he is currently looking good. Slowly Wes's mental state has returned to pretty close to normal functionality.

Wes was released from Harborview to go home with his beautiful girlfriend and dog on June 23, 2015 (a little bit over 1 month from the day he got there).

Looking towards the future, it is clear that Wes has already acquired many medical bills along with future bills for rehabilitation. He will be unable to return to work for at least a year. Wes is the kind of guy that would do anything in his power to help the people around him; let’s do the same for him. Our family appreciates any and all positivity sent my brother's way in this time of recovery. His gofundme account is to cover out-of-pocket expenses he has already begun acquiring, however it will not cover his other day to day expenses. In any case, it is a huge step in his recovery. Our family would be really grateful if your station was able repost his gofundme !

I have attached a few photos from his ride before the accident, a few days after, and from his recovery.

Lots of love from his younger sister,



Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Deload (Tuesday)

Split Jerk, 5x5 reps @ 40% of 1RM
Hang power Snatch 5x5 reps @ 40% of 1RM 

Accumulate 3:00 in a handstand (against a wall for freestanding)

Skin-the-cats, 12 reps
Kipping Swings on Rings, 30 reps
Knees out Abmat situps, 75 reps


Monday, June 29, 2015


Deload (Monday)

Front squat, 6x5reps @45% (no additional resistance)

Deficit Sumo deadlift, 8x3reps @45% (no additional resistance)

Bear Crawl w/sled, 200m @ moderate weight

Lunges, 100m

300 double unders for time

P-bar swings, 4x10reps

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wave 3, Day 4

Max Effort (Friday)

Push Jerk, 7x2 reps
Then, as many reps as possible at 70% of 2RM

Bent over barbell row, 3x15 (vary grips)
DB rollbacks, 2x16
Banded delt hell, 4 rounds

Weighted Hip back ext, 3x12 reps 15/10#

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wave 3, Day 3

Dynamic Effort (Wednesday)

Clean complex of:
1 x power clean, 1 x push jerk, 1 x squat clean, x 6 sets @ 50% 1RM Clean
*whole complex done w/o putting bar down, rest between sets

EMOM 5min
2 Bar Muscle ups
8 Jumping squats w/ 45/35# bar

Banded pull a parts , 75 reps

AMAP T2B in 2 min

Landmine Twist, 3x25 each side 15/10#

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wave 3, Day 2

Dynamic Effort (Tuesday)

Squat Snatch, 8x3 reps on the 1min
Then, as many hang power snatch as possible @ 60% of 3RM

Double KB Swing, 3x15 reps @ 53/35#

4 Rounds for max reps:
1 Minute
DB burpees to press @ 40#(25#)
1 Minute rest

GHD med ball toss,75reps @14#(10#) medball

Triple Under Practice, 5 min

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wave 3, Day 1

Max Effort (Monday)

Good Mornings, 5x7 reps
Overhead walking lunge, 15 each leg @ 95#

Glute ham raise, 3x12 reps

Sled Drag, 400m @ 115/75#
Foam roller rollouts, 2x20 reps
Banded Good Mornings, 75 reps

Wave 2, Day 4

Max Effort (Friday)

Shoulder Press, 6x3reps
Then, as many reps as possible @ 40%
Arnold press, 3x8 reps @ 40#(25#) dumbbells
3 count pullups x 12 reps

Accumulate 3 minutes of support hold on rings
Dip hops, 3x15 reps

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wave 2, Day 3

Dynamic Effort (Wednesday)

Dynamic Bench Press, 5x7 reps, 65%+ bands

DB Bench press, 2x max set to complete failure, 50/35#

Weighted pullups, 3x12 reps

Banded lat pull downs, 80 reps

Upright barbell rows, 2x max sets to failure 55/40#

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wave 2, Day 2

Dynamic Effort (Tuesday)

Power Snatch, 8x4 @65% on the 1min

Clean Pulls, 8x2 @ 100% on the min

For time
Ring push ups, 75 reps
DB Snatch, 50 reps (Alternating arms)

Knees out AbMat situps, 100 reps

Monday, June 15, 2015

Wave 2, Day 1

Max Effort (Monday)

Deficit Deadlift, 5x3 reps (2" deficit)

Good Mornings, 4x8 reps

Tabata Goblet squats, 53/35#

Max Height Box Jump

Weighted back extension, 25/15#

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wave 1, Day 4

Max Effort (Friday)

Bench Press, 5x2 reps

Incline Bench press, 3x8 reps

Reverse grip bench press, 3x18 reps

Skull crushers, 3x10 reps

Hollow rock hold, accumulate 4min